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Johnny Harris

is the Founder/CEO of No One Is Forgotten (NOIF'S) non-profit mentoring educational organization.  No One Is Forgotten was established by Mr. Harris in 2010 while working with youths in the inner city of Cleveland as a Police Officer. Mr. Harris noticed over the years how the inner city has become a haven where youth are in constant battle against one another.  Therefore, his overwhelming passion for the youths  began to grow which called him to mentor youths in dire situations. He states, "Through my persistent efforts, I now know it is time that I continue my mission in pursuing a small mentoring program. It is my goal to help youth's get and stay on the right track and avoid being a statistic to jails."

Mr. Harris is not a stranger to the Police force; he was called to his occupation. After graduating from high school Mr. Harris joined the US Navy as a Gunner Mate. When his 4-years came to an end he decided not to re-enlist in the Navy, so he returned back to Cleveland, Ohio and landed a job with The Cuyahoga County Corrections as a Corrections Officer. Knowing he was called to the streets four-years later Mr. Harris joined the team at Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) as a Protection Officer, two-years later he attended the police academy and became a Police Officer for CMHA. One of Mr. Harris's responsibilities while working at CMHA was working with youths in the Community Policing Program.


The Community Policing Program paved the way for Mr. Harris mentoring program; his passion grew even more, so he attended the Cleveland Police Academy and became a Cleveland Police Officer and have been since 2008.

Mr. Harris was not only called to be a Police Officer, he inherited from his father, who is now retried from the City of Cleveland Police force after 32-years, and his older brother who is currently a Sergeant for Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority for 20-years. It was a mission that could not be avoided.


Family members would say, "Mr. Harris is Driven, Dedicated, and Determined to succeed in his calling," and he would say, "I'm on a mission!"


Mr. Harris has a team of individuals to assist him in this journey, and they are as follows:


Administrative Officer: manage the operation of the mentoring program, putting everything into effect ; handling the overall execution of the program.


Secretary: handles all correspondence, manage routine and detailed work to ensure the program runs smoothly.


Mentors: trusted counselors experience to assist mentees in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance professional and personal growth.


Drill Sergeants: responsible for coaching, counseling and mentoring mentee through repetitive instruction via military style.